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From Los Angeles Shop Rental and Sales Experts

Founderson offers comprehensive small business buying and selling services, focusing on efficiently matching buyers with sellers. Our team of experts, with deep market insights and rich transaction experience, provides customized strategies for your business transfer, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction, maximizing your investment returns. Whether buying a new business or selling an existing one, Founderson is your ideal partner.

Founderson Shop Exchange

Founderson Shop Exchange is a dedicated platform for buying and selling stores, designed to offer a secure and efficient marketplace for business owners and investors. With a deep understanding of various industries including dining, beauty, personal care, and retail, we provide expert valuation, consultation, and transaction services for store sales and acquisitions. Whether you aim to sell your current establishment or seek an ideal business opportunity, Founderson Marketplace Exchange offers tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our team, equipped with extensive industry experience and expertise, ensures smooth transactions, helping you make informed decisions in a complex market landscape. Join Founderson Marketplace Exchange and embark on your successful business journey.

Expert Team

Founderson's Business Brokerage Service boasts a team of experienced professionals from various commercial fields, possessing deep industry knowledge and market insights. Our team provides expert buying and selling advice to ensure a smooth, efficient transaction process while maximizing client benefits.

Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of industry contacts, including buyers, sellers, and various business partners. This vast network offers more opportunities for our clients and significantly increases the chances of successful transactions.

Customized Services

Full Support

Founderson offers tailored service plans based on clients' specific needs and business characteristics. Our services aim to meet individual client requirements, ensuring each transaction aligns with the client's best interests.

Founderson provides comprehensive support from evaluation and negotiation to the completion of transactions. Our professional team offers necessary assistance and advice at every step, ensuring a transparent and efficient process while minimizing potential risks for clients during transactions.

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