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14 Years of Dedication SMA Stays True to Its Mission on Serving Entrepreneurs

The Store Managers Association (SMA), proudly stands as a diverse, integrity-driven, and symbiotic service platform. Since 2009, we have witnessed the powerful synergy created by the convergence of professionals, which led to the establishment of the Taishan International Teachers Club, later evolving into the California International Teachers Association (CITA). This association was instrumental in realizing the entrepreneurial dreams of many teachers and provided operational and management solutions to schools, learning centers, and training institutions. Drawing upon 14 years of experience in serving storefront-type small businesses, we have now transformed and elevated our mission as the Store Managers Association (STORE MANAGERS ASSOCIATION, also known as SMA).

Today, embracing the spirit and mission of CITA, SMA continues to serve educational experts and has expanded its reach to a broader entrepreneurial community and investors, offering customized solutions. Whether it's business acquisitions, commercial financing, or market expansion, SMA is your trusted partner. This transformation not only signifies the expansion of our service scope but also represents our ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality and professionalism of our services.

At SMA, we believe in the potential of every store manager and entrepreneur to achieve their dreams. We are dedicated to unlocking this potential and guiding each of our partners towards success.

Our Business Brokerage

Founderson Business Brokerage Services specializes in the buying and selling of stores, covering industries like catering, beauty, personal care, and retail. We offer comprehensive market analysis, professional assessments, and customized transaction strategies to ensure the smooth progress of each deal. Whether you are looking to purchase an ideal commercial store or planning to sell an existing business, Founderson can provide you with professional and efficient services to help you achieve your business goals.

Our History



From 2009 to 2018, the California International Teachers Association focused on providing educational and operational solutions for small and medium-sized educational institutions. Understanding the needs and challenges of the education industry, we were committed to enhancing educational quality and optimizing teaching processes, aiding institutions in achieving sustainable development.




Between 2018 and 2022, the transition from the California International Teachers Association to Cita America and Cita Shanghai signified an expansion into the consulting field. This phase not only continued our expertise in education but also ventured into a broader range of consulting services, including business management and marketing strategies.


Store Managers Association


Since 2022, we have officially rebranded as Founderson Consulting Company. Continuing to expand our services, Founderson not only offers professional insights in education but is also dedicated to providing comprehensive business consulting services to clients across various industries, assisting businesses in seizing market opportunities and achieving growth.

Founderson Small Business Consulting: Comprehensive Business Solutions, Your Brain Trust

Discover Founderson's all-encompassing business services, covering business brokerage, commercial real estate, commercial space design, and a business management school, specifically designed to enhance the market value and competitive edge of small businesses.

Founderson Co. Services

Business Owners

Professional Buying and Selling Services, making it easy for you to buy and sell businesses, achieve business goals, and maximize benefits.

Business Brokerage

Asian colleagues having a chat after work

Focused on finding ideal business opportunities for you, fulfilling your investment and leasing needs.

Commercial Real Estate

Construction Workers

Innovative design solutions, bringing unique style and functionality to your commercial spaces.

Commercial Space Design

Online Class

Offering practice-oriented small business management courses to cultivate your business knowledge and management skills.

SB Management School

Expert Team

Founderson's Business Brokerage Service boasts a team of experienced professionals from various commercial fields, possessing deep industry knowledge and market insights. Our team provides expert buying and selling advice to ensure a smooth, efficient transaction process while maximizing client benefits.

Customized Services

Founderson offers tailored service plans based on clients' specific needs and business characteristics. Our services aim to meet individual client requirements, ensuring each transaction aligns with the client's best interests.

Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of industry contacts, including buyers, sellers, and various business partners. This vast network offers more opportunities for our clients and significantly increases the chances of successful transactions.

Full Support

Founderson provides comprehensive support from evaluation and negotiation to the completion of transactions. Our professional team offers necessary assistance and advice at every step, ensuring a transparent and efficient process while minimizing potential risks for clients during transactions.

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