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Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


I would love to share this moment with you, and I just can't stop saying how BEAUTIFUL, yes, that's the word in my heart, the education Daisy has been delivering to his students. I am not asking any of our teachers to copy this though, here I am just sharing a touching moment, one that would remind us to review what quality education stands for, and to put no doubt anymore that the cold keyboard and invisible internet is just a tool to whom we shall put little blame of a sub-quality education, as it delivers only what we load onto it.

Cita is dedicated to creating the highest quality of education for multicultural students, domestically and internationally, which could only be brought into reality by the effort of every one of us, and when we teach with care, love, and a deep understanding of how meaningful our teaching is, it approaches faster.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day, everyone!

(Photo taken by Daisy and shared with her student)


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