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Online tutoring market trends in the United States

By CitaBlog™ of the California International Teachers Association

The online tutoring market has grown exponentially in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the availability of cheaper resources online. In the past, only physical tutoring was dominant that has costly as it had expenses such as renting a space, purchase of materials, and travel costs. However, online is a very inexpensive and least risky source that is allowing students to educate themselves. Additionally, it is helping students to record and use the same information in the future.

The tutoring market in the USA alone has the potential to grow by USD 16 billion in the next 03 years. The market has shown that various virtual platforms have been introduced that help the student to get connected to teachers of their choice. The USA is one of the pioneers in cloud-based study site development and students of all ages can enroll themselves with online service providers.

Key Drivers of Online Tutoring Trends

The main drivers of the upward trend of online tutoring in the US are:

  • Students want to save their time and energy by taking courses online so that they can prepare themselves for competitive exams or standardized tests such as GRE or SAT.

  • Likewise, these students have access to inexpensive “Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)” as well as subscription-based online websites.

  • The use of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Whiteboards along with human input has made online tutoring a more suitable choice for students in terms of cost and learning, and it is also very incongruent with their lifestyles.

  • In this regard, the collaboration among software companies and established institutions is making this way of learning more fun and cheap.

  • It provides greater flexibility as students can join classes of their choice at the time that suits them and they can easily store & share lecture notes.

  • Even the services providers find this platform very helpful as they will have limited costs and have no worries to arrange physical items. Likewise, entrepreneurs and investors find it easy to start a business on a smaller scale and the Return on Investment in these tools is easily ascertainable

Top Online Tutoring Service Providers in the US

Online tutoring is becoming a very competitive market as new players are entering it and there are also freelance service providers. Likewise, many established schools and institutes are providing this facility to their students, however, the following are a few of the main online tutoring service providers:

These service providers are providing a complete solution to tutoring seekers and have different packages for students depending upon their requirements.

Freelance Market & Entrepreneurship Opportunities

The above sites are extensively using computer-added technologies and Artificial Intelligence for customized services. Likewise, many freelance workers in the field may not have established websites but are providing more personalized services. Few of these tutors are working through WhatsApp or Zoom or other social media sites. This is a greater opportunity for teachers to become an entrepreneur as setting up tutoring services is becoming an easier option to have a second career. People from all over the world can join your network and this virtual market has no limits. However, teachers need to first develop their skills and then step into this field.

In short, online tutoring services are getting better each in the US and more students are seeking tailored services in their comfort zone. However, there are opportunities for teachers and experienced professionals to launch a career in this field.



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