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The Covid was probably an unprecedented event in our lifetime that has brought our normal life routine to a halt. Almost every country in the world was equally affected by it and there was likely no sector that was saved from its damages. Educationbeing one of the major influences in our day-to-day lives was also totally perturbed as all the schools, colleges, universities and institutes were closed in the wake of a pandemic.

Additionally, at the micro level, our personal and family lives were very confined and we went through an abrupt change. We had quit hugging and going to family gatherings because of the fear of the spread of the virus. Many couples had to cancel their planned events such as honeymoons and get-togethers due to curbs imposed by governments. Kids were restricted to their rooms and had to spend more time with family rather than playing out.


Short Run Post Covid Impacts on Education

Now routine life is returning and many countries have lifted stringent bans on outings and the wearing of masks. However, the impacts of the Covid would probably be more long-lasting as for two good years our life was very limited. In short term, post-Covid influences can be:

It is probable that the students may not be engaged as they used to be and the learning intensity would be very low.

• Some parents may still be reluctant to send their kids to school

• Higher school and university-going students may still prefer to learn online

• There could be potential changes in the attendance and behavior of students

• Teachers may not be able to support their students on a personal level


Short Run Post Covid Impacts on Family

The Covid harshly impacted our family lives, and we were not able to hang out with the people we love. Our lives turned upside down and we had to adjust to a new way of life. Thus, themore specific short-term post-Covid influences can be:

• Family may still avoid hugs and coming too close to one another

• The kids may not be able to engage themselves more with their grandparents

• Parents may still be reluctant to send their children to large gatherings, events, and family functions

• The aged family members may avoid going outside or meeting others when they do not feel well

• The extended family gathering may not occur very often as they used to

Long Run Post Covid Impacts on Education

The Covid allowed educationists to ponder the existing setup of education and it highlighted different flaws in the system. Importantly, the system that was in place for years is exposed as it may not be able to meet the long-run need and the potential influences in the time to come can be:

• The physical classroom classes may not be possible in 30 to 40 years

• Software and added technologies such as Virtual Learning, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence will develop further to help students learn quickly

• Established institutes will simultaneously run distance learning programs and online degrees

• New players would enter the online education market with better preparation for the future needs of students

• The relationship between student and teacher is surely going to change

Long Run Post Covid Impacts on Family

Though Covid is not very dreadful in some countries, in the USA many of us lost our dear ones. Therefore, post-Covidimpacts are highly influenced by the bad experiences and potential influences in the time to come can be:

• Families may avoid going to cities and places where there are potential diseases

• Families will be worried about other pandemics and diseases for the safety of every member

• The family dynamics would alter and people will reallocate intra-familial job distribution

• Families probably will go for more savings to avoid financial stress

In reality, the world has faced several pandemics before and all of them have taught humans a lesson to change their lifestyle in accordance with external conditions. If the family lives and educational system is changed then it should be treated as a natural process of change.



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