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Teacher of the month, April 2020

Hello Teachers!

This month I am pleased to highlight an amazing teacher and honor her as CITA Teacher of the Month, April 2020:

Kaitlin Sullivan!

Kaitlin is simply so bright and fun!  Watching her with little ones or older students, her charming and sparkling personality always shines!  (But I see the coffee, Kaitlin, and I personally know how hard you are working to keep that smile lit.)  Ms. Sullivan is always positive, patient, and kind with her students.  

AND she always finds new ways to teach; one of the keys to keeping the online experience fresh.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but every time I review one of her classes, she’s doing something unique.  Here’s an example I’m going to steal: take screenshots of vocabulary definitions and the words to accompany them, draw a grid on the blackboard, and have the students manipulate the “tiles” into their proper places.  I think this is a great connection to kinesthetic learning.  

Kaitlin is also flexible, willing to work, and clients love her.  (Did you know that, Kaitlin?)  We have many clients who have many students waiting for Ms. Sullivan’s schedule to accommodate them!

Kaitlin will receive instant promotion to her next pay grade due to this commendation, and her certificate of honor will be displayed on our company website in perpetuity.  

Thank you Kaitlin.  We hope that in this small way we can show our appreciation and support for your hard work and commitment to your craft.

Thank You ALL for Doing What You Do,

Bryan VanderZwaag Senior Teaching Advisor California International Teachers Association


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