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Teacher Of The Month, March 2020

Hello Teachers!

I'm pleased to award this month's CitaOnline Teacher of the Month Award (TOM March 2020) to our excellent Online Instructor:

Daisy Halliday!

Folks, Daisy does some amazing things with her students.  When I reviewed one of her classes for the first time, I was surprised to see her standing up!  Daisy works with the little ones a lot, and her energy and enthusiasm are thoroughly engaging.  Daisy dances around, she jumps up and down, but she keeps her students engaged, on track, and learning through fun.

Mr. Guo has also seen Daisy teach, and has this to add:

I would like to proudly shine the spotlight on one of our excellent CitaOnline Instructors, Daisy Halliday, for her outstanding after-class communication with her students. It may take only a few minutes after class, but it makes a big difference in the outcome of the teacher-student relationship which causes a chain reaction and brings out real learning. Internet does NOT ONLY deliver cold numbers, but IT also CAN, yes, it can deliver care, compassion, and love!

We hope that in this small way we can show our appreciation and support for her hard work and commitment to her craft.


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